- August 2020 - the service technology division of Shadowdancers L.L.C. provides high-level business data engineering and on-demand application support. This includes Teamspeak 3 hosting and encrypted conferencing for clients in the State of Oklahoma.


  • Teampspeak 3 Voice Conferencing Servers for Business
  • Web Hosting Management and Support Services
  • Encrypted File Transfer Technology
  • Hosting for Guild Chat Servers
  • Web Application Test Platforms
  • Dynanmic Virtual Private Servers
  • Dynamic Content Storage Arrays

Visualization and computer aided design for interactive applications using scuplted mapping, texture design, historical and theoretical physics models, and content management tools for vitrual worlds. Data and document management for PDF and SQL database workflows from invoicing, accounting, and other vital records, with OCR technology support for content management in small business.

TeamSpeak 3 & Mumble Customers

New clients are welcome to renew at $2 USD per slot in 12 month terms.

Existing customers may renew monthly accounts at the rate of $2 for every 10 slots.

Billing is on the 1st and 15th of each month (bi-monthly). Invoicing is performed by our billing company, Raccoon Technologies Incorporated, via PayPal invoice systems.

Support and administration is provided by Militech.ORG, a division of SHADOWDANCERS LLC, a 1991 established limited liability company in the City of Ada, Oklahoma. All technical support staff are fluent in American English as a first language, supporting United States regional customers only.

Established in late August 2001, Militech.ORG deals with foreign and domestic Internet security. The department consults on military and security aspects of complex online interactive software products in the online game entertainment industry, including wargraming applications.

Client Application Screening by SDP Multimedia Group of Ada, Oklahoma
Mon-Fri 8-5 pm (CDT), excluding U.S. Federal Holidays.
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